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Hey, I saw your post about getting a scholarship to Tulane. That's a really hard school to get in and a 100,000 scholarship is really great. I was just wondering how you did it. I want to go there in two years and I was wondering how I should prepare (ACT, SAT, keeping my grades up). I was just wondering if you have any advice to get in & get a great scholarship like you did. Thank you & congratulations on getting in!

Aw thanks very much :) you know I never did any ACT/ SAT prep and I know a lot of people who did so I guess it’s just up to how much time you want to spend studying. I know personally I got a 2040 on my SAT (31 on ACT) and graduated with I think something around a 4.4 cumulative GPA, I also had to submit a portfolio because I was applying as an architecture major so if you’re going for an art, definitely put in some unique pieces :) any other questions feel free to ask

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Elie Saab fall 2014 couture details

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